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The White Donkey: Terminal Lance

Now Available

The White Donkey


A New York Times best selling graphic novel about a Marine and his surreal journey to Iraq. Written and illustrated by the creator of Terminal Lance, Maximilian Uriarte.

“A masterpiece.”―Ray Olson, Booklist (starred review)

“Combines a casual, straightforward dramatic style with clear, no-frills art that draws readers into his characters’ everyday experiences and then wallops them with the tragedy of ordinary life…Both respectful to the military and its role and sympathetic to the delicacy of the young soldiers, the story’s power lies in a middle-ground view of the ongoing social conflict, seeking to bridge understanding on both sides.”―Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“In many ways, The White Donkey is one long illustrated deployment journal…. Yet, tucked into the panels and frames, are those singular moments that, like a rock cast into a pond, send their ripples out almost infinitely-altering lives and ending others. The White Donkey follows the tremors, backwards and forwards, and manages to illustrate what feels like a ‘true’ war story and a lonely chapter in a war our country is trying desperately to forget.”―The Washington Post

In The White Donkey, a sense of alienation pervades Abe’s experience. He endures the tedium of war, the yearning for action to gain legitimacy in the eyes of fellow Marines, and, finally, the horror of combat… all drawn with stylized realism.”―The Wall Street Journal

“Spiked with bitter and obscene humor, this debut and first-ever graphic novel about the Iraq War from a veteran reveals the cynical tedium of daily life in combat and how voluntary service can lead to an existential crisis of self-blame. Compelling.”―Martha Cornog, Library Journal